My Erotic Fan Fiction of Dave From the Chipmunks II — It’s Too Darn Hot.

It was hot. Too hot in LA to think about anything but sex with David. I was leaving an important meeting in Santa Monica and could easily say to hell with the rest of the workday. So I picked up my car phone from its sweltering spot on the dash and dialed. I said, “David I can’t work any longer today. I need to see you at the pond.” “Thank heavens you called, I’ve been staring at this sheet music thinking about your thighs.” Wonderful. “I’ll meet you in 20 minutes.” That’s how long it takes to get anywhere. The pond is what we call a…



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Becky Poole

Actor, VO, writer, saw player. Based in LA. I write feminist murder ballads, eat up neuroscience, and wish I was a better SJW.